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For update's sake

This journal is deserted, but my account is not abandoned. I check LiveJournal every week; and I do comment for sure (profile is public for any necessary check). My LiveJournal account is mainly used to join communities that I have interest in here. However, because some of them occasionally practice purge which only passes active accounts, so here I am for a new post... after 1 year and half? That sure is long, lol.

Anyone who needs me can head to my main blog http://tsukino-usagi-shining.blogspot.jp/, where I talk more about my biggest passion and sometimes, a little bit about myself.

Have a good day!


Writer's Block: Round and round

Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?
So many. But recently it's Zirconia:

Writer's Block: Once Upon a Time

What is your favorite fairytale, and why?

No, not the original Rapunzel. What I love is SUGIURA Shiho's Rapunzel.

For me, that's the best fairy tale ever.

"Lord Mage... when I was crying, he would pick a bagful of white flower and bring them to me.

That's the kind of person he is."

"He did that until the very end."


Don't run away.

Don't go.

Be by my side"

"I love you"
Hi everyone ^^

This morning I visited Jpopsuki randomly and was surprised that the new
single is uploaded already! :O It's really surprising because "You &
I" is realeased tomorrow... I guess this person bought the digital
copy, i.e, via rekochoku? Anyway, this is a good news for fans like us
that we can enjoy the new masterpiece of w-inds. sooner! XD

Therefore, I re-uploaded the single so that it can be shared easily.
Feel free to get the files and if you want to share them, PLEASE CREDIT
PROPERLY. Thanks for your cooperation :x

Credit to jpopsuki.
Uploaded by Usagi@blogspot.

Please purchase original copy to support the artist if it's available in your area!


01. You & I
02. Chillin' in the Daydream
03. Humanizer (Regular A)
03. I Vs. I (Regular B)


MegaUpload: click here
4Shared: click here
MediaFire: click here

Enjoy! I love all the songs ♥ and trust me, you'll regret if you pass this awesome single!
Sent my letter out today! this is my first time sending a mail overseas, so I'm definititely nervous! Hope that the letter will arrive safely in time. The post officer told me it took 15-20 days and up to 30 days for normal mail to be delivered (I guess they use seamail, not airmail) so there might be a chance that my letter will arrive late.... Let's hope for the best!

Oh and this is my baby XD

I sent a short letter together with 2 pics of Vietnamese fans and 3 postcards about Vietnamese landscape and people. And the envelope was made by myself. Not too bad huh ^^

Anyway, for people who are interested, this is the information about the Letter Campaign this year:
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We've been working on this for about 2 months (since the 1st time Ash contacted me about it). However, as a translator I know nothing about the website, especially how it will look which is the thing I expected the most XD

Visit w-inds. worldwide here http://windsworldwide.com/!

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Seriously, DVD release please, I swear I don't mind paying for it even though I'm already broke ><


2nd song in w-inds.' 7th single "NEW PARADISE"

Credit goes to Zhijun @ Twitter

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3rd song in w-inds.'s 18th single "IT'S IN THE STAR"


Credit goes to Zhijun @ Twitter



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Ngày 6/1 w-inds. đã "khai trương" account trên QQ.com (tương tự như Twitter dành cho người sử dụng tại Trung Quốc, đồng thời có thể download và dùng tương tự như MSN). Cùng ngày 1 clip ngắn đã được phát trên trang http://ent.qq.com/a/20110601/000456.htm gửi lời chào từ w-inds. đến các fan tại Trung Quốc.


Lưu ý: Phần tiếng Trung các anh chỉ lặp lại những nội dung đã nói bằng tiếng Nhật nên không dịch.



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